After years of training and treating singers and actors it became clear to us that vocal cord training cannot completely eliminate vocal cord damage and strain. We set out to develop a 100% natural herbal supplement that will alleviate symptoms of vocal cord strain and repair vocal cord damage. 5 years of experimentation and testing have resulted in this amazing Vitavocal formula!

Vitavocal amazing 100% natural herbal formula solution that:

  • Softens the vocal cords, decreases swelling, improves vocal cords closure.
  • Flexes vocal cords and protects them against over-strain, abrasion and wear.
  • Eliminates or reduces hoarseness, dry cough and other vocal troubles.
  • Feel a huge difference within days.
  • Deepens resonance, broadens range and improves timbre, strained by over-use or other causes.
  • Strengthens the voice and protects it during continued use.
  • Improved performance even if your voice is perfectly healthy.